I vividly recall the very first time I went shopping with Baby D. It was after my one-week check-up (post C-section). Suffice to say I was glowing with joy (truth be told, it was probably nervous perspiration), beaming with pride with my head in Cloud 9 (another truth, I was floating along in sheer exhaustion!!). There I was with my 2.3 kg little angle safely (and note: VERY QUIETLY) nestled in her pram. This was going to be a breeze!!! Hubby pushed the trolley while I pushed baby in her pram. The p.o.a was to stand in the queue at the Dischem pharmacy and then continue with our shopping.

P.S… No one tells you that NOTHING goes according to plan when you’re a parent!!!!

WAAAAAAAAHHH!!! A sudden high-pitched wailing sound echoed through the silence that envelops a dischem store on a weekday morning. I smirked silently to myself thinking, ‘Oh! That poor mother!’. I wondered to myself why a couple of disapproving stares were being directed towards me…In my defense, I was absolutely exhausted (read above) after all “those” one hourly wake up calls. A new baby definitely allows you to empathize with a… well, there’s no kind way to put it, with a milk cow! I snapped out of my haze when my now-frantic husband shoved the baby in my arms. “It’s ours”, he said in sheer panic. “What do we do?” In addition to the wailing, he also wrinkled his nose and added, “it stinks!!” I left him standing flabbergasted with both the pram and trolley as I ran (another ugly truth- it was actually a hobble crossed with a wobble) out the store. Baby D and I left a few ruptured ear drums, in addition to a stink, in our wake!!!

P.S… When my gynae said that I needed the steroid injection to mature baby’s lungs, she sure as hell didn’t add that she would howl this loud!

To cut a long story short, I somehow managed to get to the car, unwrap and undress a baby, change a smelly nappy, redo a baby grow, rewrap a crying baby, undo my top buttons (Yes!! IT was hungry too!!) and feed Baby D. I somehow also managed to walk back to Dischem (holding onto both baby and my wound) and finish the shopping. Trust me, I still get nightmares when I think about that.

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