About Us

Tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Twinkling eyes and a sweet little sigh,
Cuddles and giggles,
Made with love and designed to enchant,
Sugar and spice with a sprinkle of magic,
Sleepless night and endless laughter...
All packaged in one little bundle of joy-
That is what we are inspired by.

At Baby Lifestyle we aspire to combine the magic and whimsicalness of your baby with quality, comfort and style to bring you products that will enchant. Each item is specially chosen with love and care to ensure that your little angel receives nothing but the best.

We know that they grow up too fast and we understand that you need to hold on to those tiny moments and cherish every milestone. We also know that parenting can be stressful and exhausting. While you’re focusing on that, we endeavour to provide you with the aesthetics to make every little moment perfect.

From the cutest little outfit for bedtime or the ideal accessory to finish it off an adorable ensemble, we strive to provide it to you...efficiently and stress free! There’s no need for yet another stressful visit to the mall or a frantic call to look for a nanny. Baby Lifestyle makes sure that you have extra time for cuddles, laughter and love. We're not just about the products, we're about the lifestyle!